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Class: PHP Countries List Array
Get names and codes of all world countries
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PHP class to get array of countries with ISO_3166-1, ISO_3166-2 and ISD codes it can provide following information related to the country

  1. name - Name of the country
  2. alpha2 - alpha2 code, 2 characters (ISO-3166-1 alpha2)
  3. alpha3 - alpha3 code, 3 characters (ISO-3166-1 alpha3)
  4. num - numeric code (ISO-3166-1 numeric)
  5. isd - ISD code for country
  6. continent - Name of the continent in which the country is present


PHP Include

Include CountryArray.php in your php code and you its ready to use.


Add the package to your composer.json and run composer update.

    "require": {
        "sameer-shelavale/php-countries-array": "*"


Get simple key-value array by default it returns alpha2 => name pairs

$countries = CountriesArray::get();

Include non iso countries:

$countries = CountriesArray::iso(false)->get();

Get key values pairs

$countries = CountriesArray::get( 'alpha2', 'name' ); // returns alpha2->name array
$countries = CountriesArray::get( 'num', 'alpha3' ); // return numeric-codes->alpha3 array
$countries = CountriesArray::get( 'num', 'name' ); // return numeric-codes->name array

Get only values without keys

$countries = CountriesArray::get( null, 'name' ); // return array of country names
$countries = CountriesArray::get( null, 'alpha2' ); // return array of alpha2 codes

Get 2d array

$countries = CountriesArray::get2d( null, 'name' ); // return array of country names
$countries = CountriesArray::get2d( null, 'alpha2' ); // return array of alpha2 codes

Get countries filtered by continent

$countries = CountriesArray::getFromContinent( 'alpha2', 'name', 'Africa' ); // returns alpha2->name array of countries from Africa
$countries = CountriesArray::getFromContinent( 'num', 'alpha3', 'Asia' ); // return numeric-codes->alpha3 array of countries from Asia
$countries = CountriesArray::getFromContinent( 'num', 'name', 'Europe' ); // return numeric-codes->name array of countries from Europe

IMP Note

Do not use ISD code(isd) and continent as key fields, as there are multiple records for them