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Add PayuMoney payment gateway

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Subject:Add PayuMoney payment gateway
Summary:Add PayuMoney payment gateway
Date:2016-04-14 08:10:16

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Picture of jaspal jaspal - 2016-04-14 08:10:16
I have almost checked hundred of websites to look for a easy to use shopping cart, and finally I came across your website and my search ends here.

It is an awesome shopping cart which can be easily integrated in any website. Thanks for sharing the codes.

I am new in the website designing field and need your help in modifying this shopping cart.

I need to add a unique Transaction ID so that we can track the user's order later and also I want to add the payumoney payment option. But when I change the payment gateway from Paypal to Payumoney it doesn't work at all.

I can share the payumoney integration document with the test version if its needed.

You help will be really appreciated.

Thanks for a very educational document.

Jas Dua.