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Interact with the Web server without page reloading

Numerical and statistical algorithms

Full applications that perform useful tasks

Automation of tasks using human-like intelligence

Zodiacal signs and horoscope

Voice and music data generation and manipulation

Bioinformatic components and tools that deal with live beings

Managing and publishing blogs

Components to help in the activities of businesses

Managing cached pages or other types of content

Chating and instant messaging

Compilers and tools that generate code automatically

Data compression and file archive manipulation

Configuration formats parsing and generation

Command line and console utilities

Components and tools to manage content

Unit and datatype conversion

Encrypting, decrypting and hashing data

Modeling and manipulating data types

Database management, accessing and searching

Debug data dumping, bug detection and reporting

Implementations of well known design patterns

Document parsing, generation and conversion

Online stores, shopping baskets and payment methods

Build online courses and learning resources

Email sending and receiving

System or language emulation

Extend PHP using code in C, C++ or other languages

Interface with C or C++ libraries using the FFI extension

Listing, accessing and manipulating files and folders

Money, exchanging, taxes and stocks

Generate and interact with Flash animations

Discussion forums and bulletin board systems

Sports and online games

Locations, mapping and demographics

Code made of global functions and variables

Colors, images, charts and picture formats

Graphical User Interface generation and handling

Communicate with computer hardware and peripheral devices

Diagnostic and reports of health related issues

Web hosting tools and extensions

HTML generation and processing

HTTP protocol clients, headers and cookies

Constructs to assist in the language control

Frameworks and libraries of cooperating classes

Internationalization and translations

Log generation and processing

Use of capabilities specific of Apple Mac operating systems

Math related classes.

Networking protocols, clients and servers

Peer to peer clients and services

Programming language interpreters and format parsers

Tools to measure and optimize the performance of systems

Classes using PHP 5 specific features

Classes using PHP 7 specific features

Classes using PHP 8 specific features

Physics related classes

Document generation and preparation for printing

Tools to assist project management

Packages that implement PHP Standard Recommendations by FIG

Search engines, crawling and indexing

Security protection and attack detection

Search engine optimization tools

Tools and components to integrate with social networking sites

Collecting, processing and reporting statistical data

Access resources like regular files

Information about servers, processes and operating system facilities

System configuration and management

Template processing engines and components

Tools to help verifying that software works as expected

Manipulating and validating text data

Time and date values, formats and conversion

General purpose utilities and tools to simplify software development

Components that implement functionality via traits

Use of capabilities specific of POSIX, Unix like operating systems

User records, authentication and session handling

Validation algorithms

Movies and video data generation and manipulation

Weather forecasting

Web data clipping, SOAP or XML-RPC clients and servers

Use of capabilities specific of the Windows operating systems

Wireless communications, handheld and pocket computing

XML parsing and generation

Components written in Zephir language