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Arsenal PHP Singleton Trait
Singleton is a common design pattern used by many developers to assure that only one object of a class is created even if the software tries to create objects of that class more than once.

This package provides an alternative approach to assure that only one object of a class is created by using PHP constant values to keep track of the objects that are created.
Oracle PHP Class Model
Most PHP applications need to store information in databases. Often they use model classes to map objects into database table records.

This package provides a base class to create model classes that can map object data into Oracle database table records.

These model classes require minimal configuration as they are able to extract the list of table fields from the database server automatically.
Phing Build File Visualizer
Phing is a process automation tool written in PHP to help developers to automate tasks that they need to perform repeatedly to create their software projects

This is the case for instance of processes for generating scripts, classes and other types of files that can be used to access databases to retrieve table record data with minimal development effort.

This package can create graphical charts that present a visual representation of the automated processes defined in a Phing build file.

This allows PHP developers evaluate better the processes that they have designed to make their development efforts more efficient, so they can consider performing optimizations that can make those processes even more efficient.
PHP Day Light Calculator
Many activities can only happen during the period of the day when there is light coming from the Sun. An example of that kind of activity can be for instance going to a beach to receive sunlight baths.

This class can calculate the number of hours of sunlight for a given location.

This way, users of a PHP application that uses this class may be aware of the length of the period of the day that they can use to benefit from the Sun Light.
PHP SVG to Image Converter
SVG is a well known format for describing vectorial graphics format that is better for storing the definition of graphics that should be rendered in high resolution screens or printed media.

Some applications need to use raster graphic formats because they easier and faster to render.

This package provides a pure PHP based solution to convert SVG graphics into bitmap based image formats.
PHP Date Percent
Some applications need to show how many days passed since the beginning of the month or from the beginning of the year.

This class goes farther and instead of returning the number of days that passed, it can return a percentage of the number of days that passed relative the whole period that is considered, which can be one month or one year.
Frdlweb/Webfan PHP Framework Install Project
Frdlweb/Webfan is a framework for developing Web based PHP applications. It can use the PHP composer tool to install the package files.

This package provides a solution to create new projects based on this framework.

The Web based user interface that it provides to help creating new projects makes it more developer friendly, so developers that want to start new PHP projects using this framework, do not have to spend so much time to learn everything they need to get started.
Mozilla WebThings PHP IOT Framework
This package can control internet connected devices via Web service.

It can start a Web server that will handle requests via Web sockets to control devices available on the device maching on which PHP is running.

The package allows add devices to be controlled like for instance lights, as well properties of the device that can be controlled by sending HTTP requests to the Web server started by this package.
PHP Attendance Management System using Fingerprint
Fingerprints are nowadays a common way to identify a person that is present in a given place by comparing with a previous record of that fingerprint.

This package implements employee attendance that users fingerprint based identification to recognize that a given person is the employee that he claims to by integrating with a mobile application that performs the fingerprint identification.

This is helpful to prevent impersonation of people that pretend to be the real employees that were hired.
Billbee is an API that can help managing the sales processes of products in many well known marketplaces.

This package can be used to access the Billbee API from PHP applications, so it can be used by the back-office part of many businesses that sell their products on those marketplaces.