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PHP License Detector
This package can detect the type of project license text.

It can take as parameters the text of a license given in the format of a string or a file that contains the license text.

The package can detect the type of license by checking the similarity of the text of the given license with other well known types of license provided by this package as license files.
Argon2 Refiner
Argon2 is a function for implementing a password hashing method. It provides means to change parameters that can tune its behavior.

This package can generate parameter values to optimize the execution of a password hashing function based on Argon2.
PHP iNotify Extension Class
inotify is the name of a PHP extension that is used to notify a PHP application when a given directory or file has its contents changed.

This package provides a wrapper around the inotify package, making it easier for PHP applications to keep track of changes done on any file or directory under operating systems supported by the inotify extension.
Laravel Nginx Configuration
Many PHP applications are based on the Laravel framework use the Nginx framework.

This package makes it easier to configure a virtual host for a domain to run a Laravel based application by generating configuration files for the Nginx Web server.
PHP Node.js Communication IPC Client
Node.js is a popular JavaScript based package that is commonly used to implement Web based applications like PHP but using JavaScript language.

This package provides a solution to allow a PHP application to communicate with a Node.js based application.
PHP Blake Chain
Block chains have been made popular in the latest years as a means to send payments using virtual currencies such as Bitcoin.

This package implements a similar concept in PHP using blocks of chained data and hashes of the data to allow the verification of the authenticity of the chained block data.
Simple Laravel Role Management
Laravel is a well known framework for developing PHP applications.

There are many components based on this framework including those that are used to control the access of users with different application roles in an application.

This package is one of those components that uses PHP traits to make it simple to implement role based access control in existing Laravel based components.
PHPDoc PDF Output Generator
PHPDoc is a popular format for embedding information on PHP source code files to help documenting it.

This package can generate documentation of PHP source code in PDF format by extracting PHPDoc information that it may contain.
PHP Value Objects
Value objects are objects that contain information that is meant to be stored or retrieved from application storage containers like database servers.

This package provides traits that can easily turn any class into a value object class.
PHP Unique Number Repository
Many applications need to use numbers to identify records of information that is stored in their databases. Those identifiers cannot have repeated values. Therefore the numbers must be unique.

It is also useful that the unique numbers are also random, so they cannot be easily predicted in a way that people with bad intentions can exploit the fact that they can anticipate future unique numbers generated by an application.

To make sure that a unique number is also randomly generated, it is necessary to verify if the number was already generated by the application, it is necessary to keep track of all numbers generated in the past.

This package provides an API for a service of repositories that keeps track of all unique numbers generated so far, thus making it easier to check available unique numbers from different parts of an application.